Manicure: Black and white houndstooth

Manicure: Black and white houndstooth

I couldn’t resist doing a David Jones manicure yesterday. For those non-Aussies, that translates to a simple black and white houndstooth. I used Orly Pink Whisper as a base and stamped with aKonad Black. The Orly polish calls itself pink, though I’d describe it more of a pearly white. It is definitely one of my go-to bases for stamping. It takes that sharp edge off of a pure white.

Black and white houndstooth

I used Bundle Monster plate 322. I was tossing up between the geometric full nail designs on this plate. Too hard to choose! I gotta tell you I’m itching for a change as I type this. Haha. I should really wait at least a week.

Bundle Monster plate BM-322

And one more shot in natural sunlight. It gave me a chance to play around with the white balance on this camera. Still getting my head around all the settings.

Black and white houndstooth



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