Lunch at Bitton Gourmet

Lunch at Bitton Gourmet

I love a lazy Saturday. Sleeping in till late morning until hunger forces me from my warm covers. H and I went over to Bitton Gourmet in Alexandria for a late lunch. Of course this was after we got some cheesecake from Haberfield. But I’ll save that for another post.

I opted for the roast pork roll with bread and butter pickles and seeded mustard. The flavours were lovely, however the roast pork was served cold, read: at room temperature. This was in contrast to the warm, toasty soft bread roll.

Bitton Gourmet

It wouldn’t be complete with a bowl of crunchy fries. Ketchup on the side? Yes please. They were the perfect fries, crisp and golden on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Seasoned with the right amount of salt made them moreish.

Bitton Gourmet

H opted for the wagyu beef burger, which was super juicy and quite flavoursome. I have to admit though that I’d much prefer a wagyu burger at Rockpool. The burger did arrive with quite a bit of salad on top.

Bitton Gourmet

Bitton specialise in gourmet sauces, jams and other preserves. They were quite intriguing, however I had to say no on this occasion as my pantry is overflowing at the moment. Overall, the meal was alright. I wouldn’t say amazing, but I’m not sure if I’d come back in a hurry.

36/37A Copeland Street
Alexandria NSW 2015


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