Tacos at El Loco

Tacos at El Loco

I was at the receiving end of an amusing telemarketer call who was attempting to better my mobile phone plan. It ended with her unable to do me a better deal, instead asking me about my home phone, which I don’t manage. In any case, it was the highlight of my day, which is somewhat sad by any means. Oh well.

H and I have frequented El Loco (of the Merivale empire) quite a bit over the past couple of weeks, but I haven’t really posted any of my photos. Note I don’t have many, and the few that I do are a bit grainy, so I do apologise. The Mexican craze has hit Sydney, with multiple taqueria’s popping up of all shapes and sizes. We got chip n’ dip, a range of tacos, and ended with some churros accompanied by a dulce de leche honey and orange dipping sauce.

Panda came with us on this outing.

Panda and Tacos



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