Late Brunching at Cornersmith

Late Brunching at Cornersmith

My Sunday and Monday were complete polar opposites of each other. Sunday was lovely and laid back and Monday… Well, let’s just say that in the words of The Bangles, it was manic. On Sunday, H and I decided to venture out to Cornersmith. I’d heard about it on a bunch of blogs, and the photos were always so appetising.

As we drove through Marrickville, I noticed the multiple Vietnamese and Asian specialty stores. The cafe was bustling by the time we got there at 3 pm in the afternoon. We wrote our names on the wait list, although I’d say we waited no more than ten minutes to be seated.

I absolutely loved the interiors. There was a wall of shelves dedicated to their artisan small goods. There was a lovely lemon Worcestershire sauce that complemented both dishes we had gotten that day. It was fun to dip some bread in it. They had a variety of assorted jams and chutneys too.

The coffee beans were supplied by Mecca. I’ve only ever had Mecca beans at actual Mecca cafes, but I’d have to say it was pretty much up to the benchmark. I loved the creamy chocolate taste of the mocha.

I couldn’t resist how pretty the love heart on top looked! I’ve always been impressed at the skill baristas have with executing such great tasting, yet very artistic coffee.

I ordered the poached eggs with garlic mushrooms and toast. The garlic mushrooms were topped generously with some very tasty lentils. It also came with some choko chutney, which was the star produce of the week.

H opted for the sumac lamb with mint, yoghurt, beetroot, red cabbage and tendrils. It had a slight kick to it from its seasonings, which complemented the perfect slight crunch of the beetroot. Overall I’d say it was amazing food, and I’d definitely return.

314 Illawarra Road
Marrickville NSW 2204


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