My big fat Italian dinner

My big fat Italian dinner

Last night’s dinner at Cafe Sopra paled in comparison to what I had tonight. Tonight was a cheap, yet deliciously easy meal from one of the new Foodie trucks that are currently doing the rounds. More about that next time. Yesterday’s was an indulgent feast of pasta, too much cheese and wine. The albino dinosaur I received from my Photojojo order approved of the wine.

dino wine

We kicked off the night with two platefuls of zucchini flowers. These were no ordinary flowers. They were stuffed with four different types of Italian cheeses. I’m sure that these have undoubtedly featured on my blog before, but they are always a winner.

zuchinni flowers

There was conchiglia with beef cheek on the menu that night – I just couldn’t resist. I love beef cheek and I find it comparable to my other favourite dish at Cafe Sopra, the osso bucco. Tender cubes of meat just falls to pieces at the slight touch of your fork. Mmm.

beef cheek

Dinosaur was satisfied. Good food and great company. I can’t say that I’ve ever been disappointed with Cafe Sopra. Italian food is so comforting on the cold winter days that we’ve been experiencing – and it isn’t even winter yet!


Dessert was a must for me. H and I opted for the chocolate torte with rhubarb compote. Although I wasn’t a super big fan of the rhubarb, the cake was absolutely lovely. The chocolate cake just melted in your mouth.

chocolate torte

11 Bridge Street
Sydney NSW 2000


3 thoughts on “My big fat Italian dinner

  1. Wow….zucchini flowers? Thats a thing?! Haha. This made me soooo hungry!

    i also wanted to thank you for following my blog. I’ve just moved to, if you were still interested in following :)

    1. Yeah! They use the flowers from the zuchinni plant as a skin to hold soft cheeses, dip in a tempura batter, and fry up. It is amazing.

      And thanks for the heads up! I’ll update my links :) It is always awesome finding a fellow Aussie!

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