Brunch at Danks Street Depot (take two)

Brunch at Danks Street Depot (take two)

I just can’t resist a lovely brunch out on a lazy Sunday. Of course it is just perfectly suited to me since I wake up no earlier than 10am on weekends! Danks Street Depot was probably the first restaurant we visited on Danks Street. Although I’m a huge fan of their truffled eggs, I decided today would be a day to try something a little different. We’d seen this on a few previous occasions, housemade flat bread with a chick pea dip. Let me just say it was tasty and left you wanting so much more.

I opted for a hearty chicken pot pie (which also inspired me to try to cook it at home). It was also very tasty and satisfying on these quasi-autumn-winter days. The pastry was so fluffy and buttery. I wished many times over that it would be like that magical box of Tim Tams that never runs out. Oh well, I guess all good things must come to an end.

The meal wouldn’t be complete with a lovely bowl of chips on the side! It matched the salad quite well. I should probably cut back on the chips, but they are too good at some of these places!


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