Manicure: Blue Feathers

Manicure: Blue Feathers

I have a giant backlog of manicures to post up. These nails were from a few weeks ago when I was in a blue shaded hues. I’m the type of girl to shy away from bold blues (apart from the odd occasion). That said, I have a number of blue polishes. I reserve blue for casual days. I’m not really sure if these are feathers or palm fronds, but either way, I like the blue on blue concept. I’m attempting to take a step out of my comfort zone with stamping a different colour outside the basic black and white. I figure I have to make use of the jillions of other polishes I have acquired over time!

** Please excuse the messy desk!


5 thoughts on “Manicure: Blue Feathers

      1. good to hear that…mine is still in a mess at the moment. :P so, if i happened to upload a photo with the messy desk background, i will have to use the blur len filter so that it will become something ‘artistic’ rather than a mess…hee~

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