Cosmetics haul

Cosmetics haul

There was a cosmetics sale. So I bought a whole lot of top coat and restore which I’m anticipating will last me for a while yet. On a whim, I got some gel eye liner. This was my first foray into the land of gel, I have to say that it was easier than I thought. I’m impressed with its longevity. I’m usually a kohl kind of girl.

Nicki Minaj is supposedly in Sydney today. I wish I had gotten tickets, but I don’t think I would have found anyone to go with. Ah well. I have Lady Gaga next month. I can’t believe it has come that quickly. I remember buying the tickets and thinking that the concert we ages away. Now I better make a note of which date next month it is. Wouldn’t want to forget that!

Life has been busy. Mother’s day was a bit crazy. We just had a quiet BBQ at home but nevertheless it was still all over the place and hectic. In light of living a life of simplicity, I’ve been trying to be less of a hoarder and throwing away excess things. I wish my room were filled with less clutter, and that I was more disciplined about this stuff. I’ll achieve that balance one day.

I was walking through the shopping centre at lunch time and noticed a long queue of men (with the exception of a middle age woman) lining up outside the games store. I saw that Diablo 3 was out today. I had to laugh out lout a little. I shouldn’t be so mean. Speaking of lunch times, I’ve been feeling rather uninspired of late as to food choices. I’ve not been craving anything which makes it really difficult to decide on what to eat for lunch.


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