A trip to Miss Chu’s

A trip to Miss Chu’s

Ohh I’ve been super slack in updating. It is just so easy to go and get sidetracked by other things. The cold weather has settled in for a few months yet, and the days are getting shorter. Let’s say I’m not the biggest winter fan.

This is yet another instalment into my culinary adventures. I seem to be going through an Asian food phase. I’m craving more noodle soups and dumplings. Probably because of this weather. A friend recommended Miss Chu’s a while ago, so when we found ourselves with nothing better to do, we decided a stop to the tuck shop on Oxford Street was in order.

Green tea

We started off with some green tea. A cup will set you back $2 per person. I love the little ‘popcorn-esque’ bits that float on top of the water.

Traditional pork hanoi spring rolls were $6 for 5 pieces. The outer shell was light and crispy, and complemented the spicy meat encased within. The rolls tasted exceptional drenched in its accompanying sauce.

Dessert set us back $4.50, was a lovely light coconut mousse atop a layer of chestnut jelly. I love the presentation in a folded pandan leaf. This was the perfect balance of salty sweet, as Asian desserts tend to be.

Unfortunately I didn’t photograph the rest of the food as I was a little busy eating it all. Oops. Other dishes we ordered include bahn mi, pho and scallop/prawn dumplings. I’d have to say the dumplings were my favourite. Miss Chu’s have a number of tuck shops around Sydney and Melbourne. Visit their website for more information. Oh I should also mention that they deliver to your office or home! Super convenient.

150 Bourke St
Sydney NSW 2010


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