Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Happy Monday to all!

I’m still wishing it was still the weekend. I’ve grown accustomed to sleeping in because of this cold snap. I’ve not recalled an autumn this cold before! Maybe I have a bad memory. Cold and I don’t really get along too well. I’m prone to getting sore throats from hopping in and out of hot and cold environments.

In any case. I had a quiet weekend. Babysat for a friend of mine, which was pretty much like house sitting since baby boy was sound asleep the whole time. H and I managed to take in two movies, The Vow and The Grey. I was personally disappointed with the ending, but I shan’t say too much here for those reading at home who are yet to see them at the cinemas.

I’m getting a hankering to do more arts and crafts. I’ve made quite a few paper bows for wrapping presents and gifts. I’m going through a paper crafting phase. I have all this craft paraphernalia that I need to organise in a more logical manner. In any case. I shall leave you with a snapshot of my Instagram pics.


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