Tuesday Musings

Tuesday Musings

Dulce de leche
  • Dulce de leche soy shakes are my new thing. I get them from San Churros. On the plus side, they aren’t that convenient to get to, but it is just so so good.
  • I think I’m going through a quarter life crisis. I don’t know what to do with anything right now. A friend suggested I spend money. Sure! I thought. Until I realised – I don’t know what to spend on. Le sigh.
  • Mushroom picking intrigues me – it seems like quite an adventure! I ran across this interesting blog post by Grab Your Fork. The photos look super cool. I’m not sure if I’d personally be game to pick me some ‘shrooms. I think I’d end up getting the deadly ones :S
  • I’m rocking yellow gold nails right now. They feel a little too yellow, but whatever. I’m thinking of stamping over them maybe. I’m not sure what colour yet. Maybe white? Or black? I feel so indecisive.
  • I’m digging coffee today. I’ve switched from my regular soy mochas to soy caramel lattes. It is most probably a whole lot of extra sugar, so I should potentially cut back. Maybe tomorrow.
  • This weather is bumming me out a bit. I really wish it would just maintain a semblance of consistency. This switching from cold to hot is really giving me a headache.

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