Hot n’ Not Tuesday

Hot n’ Not Tuesday

Easter nails

What’s Hot

  • Remixing my nail polish. I discovered that the purple bits were beginning to show tip wear (which annoys me endlessly). I removed the purple and replaced it with a white, pink and navy concoction. I’m obsessed with nail stamping and I can’t deny. (。・_・。)
  • The numerous little tomatoes that are sprouting up in my garden. They are slowly growing bigger and bringing the stems down, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it is so satisfying to grow your own veggies! I bought some more soil to extend my garden. I’m still awaiting any appearances from the elusive zucchini fairy.

What’s Not

  • It seems an ever-growing trend that people chime in even though they don’t know the entire story. They offer their opinions even when it isn’t needed. Really now, kindly get your facts straight before you proffer your primitive thoughts. I guess it is inevitable, haters gonna hate. All I know is I’m not going to stoop to your level.
  • How wind shield washers at the stop lights have evolved for the worse. I encountered not one, but TWO of the highly evolved variety. They splash a dollop of soapy water before you can even protest, then insist that they are giving you a ‘freebie’ and that if you could help out even for a dollar, it would be great. Seriously?

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