Manicure: White stamped black

Manicure: White stamped black

I went to Priceline late last week and spied some Orly polishes on sale. Super cheap, but they only come in selected shades at selected stores. So if  any Sydney girls are interested, the Sydney City Westfield store has a whole rack of them. I picked just one colour, as I was a bit apprehensive about the quality of the polish not having tried Orly before. I chose Whisper Pink, which is a subdued pearly pink shade (it looks more white to me). I love that it has just the right amount of shimmer.

Not being one to leave things alone, I debated whether to do a rainbow stamp on each nail. Then I realised how stupid this would look in a corporate setting, and I opted for basic Konad black. I did an accent nail on my ring finger and used Bundle Monster series 2 plates.

More pics after the cut! 

Orly Whisper Pink

I did them in a little bit of a rush, so as you can see, I’ve not gotten a clear image. This would ordinarily bother me immensely, but I seem to be dealing with these imperfections a little better these days.

Orly Whisper Pink

Orly Whisper Pink

I took a shot of the pearly white beforehand. It didn’t capture the pretty shimmer as well as I’d hope, but you can see a little of it at the tips. I love how it isn’t quite liquid-paper white, but more of a bright white.

Orly Whisper Pink

Orly Whisper Pink


2 thoughts on “Manicure: White stamped black

  1. I agree these nails are perfect for a corporate setting! I love how the base coat has that little bit of shimmer, think it would risk looking cartoon-y on just plain white? Anyways, very cute nails :)

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