Hot n’ Not Monday

Hot n’ Not Monday

Duo Chrome Ozotic

What’s Hot

  • Duo chromes. They make my world a multi-coloured place. I love how drastically different it looks not only in indoor and sunlight, but the multifaceted angular thing they have going on. I realise I probably didn’t make much sense there, but it made sense in my head, which is the important thing. Heh.
  • Obsessing over make up in the most frivolous way possible. I put in an order for an undisclosed amount of Nars make up online and I need to take photos of it. What surprises me more is that I’ve never been into make up all that much before.
  • Making gnocchi from scratch. I’m never buying store bought ever again. Not that I ever did really, but it was so unbelievably easy. Slightly on the time consuming side, so it will definitely be reserved for a weekend task. I might invest in a potato ricer.
  • Coffee. I love how it reduces the effects of the headache I had this morning. Maybe it is a placebo, but I really don’t care all that much. Whatever it is, it’s working. Plus coffee tastes nice.

What’s Not

  • The consistent stream of men who insist on spreading their legs as much as possible to occupy two seats on the train. I give them death stares but it doesn’t really work. I took a photo of one guy and his pose. I’ve yet to put it up on Twitter.
  • I had an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar. I obtained a refurbished phone under warranty, and I suspect that somewhere in its life it was locked to a network that I can now not unlock.
  • The treatment room at my optometrist smells too much like cheap aftershave. I have to admit that it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Especially when he is an inch from my face in the dark. Don’t get me wrong, he is a nice guy but the whole situation just makes me a bit uneasy.
  • I have a really common email address (I got in there quite early with Gmail when I had the chance). As a result, I get a tonne of emails from people who think I’m someone else. I’ve been consistently getting someone inviting me to some random event, which I keep declining. I don’t want it to show up on my calendar! I’ve marked it as spam, but it just won’t disappear! So annoying.

3 thoughts on “Hot n’ Not Monday

  1. Hate those inconsiderate people who take up more room than necessary.. If the bus is full, your purse should go in your lap, not the seat. If your body doesn’t demand it, you should not be taking up 2 seats. And if there are a lot of people waiting to get on the bus and go home, move the heck back!

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