Manicure: Gun metal grey

Manicure: Gun metal grey

I couldn’t stand how my previous mani was wearing (it was getting a little chipped and a little too bright for my liking in general), so I changed it. Hah. I’m just all up for frivolity these days. I’m pretty brutal with my nails so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that I find the need to change them often. I looked through my giant box of polishes for something I hadn’t used in a while. I found OPI’s My Private Jet hiding in the corner. It is a dark grey metallic polish with lighter grey flecks throughout. It appears to have a slight hologram in the bottle, but it isn’t really apparent on your nails. More photos after the jump!

OPI My Private Jet Bundle Monster

I’m not sure why I don’t use this colour more often. I think black is too overpowering for my personality. I can’t explain it, but I don’t feel very comfortable with myself with pure black. I’ll always have to add some sparkle or stamp over it. But greys are oddly fine.

OPI My Private Jet Bundle Monster

The photo below was taken with artificial light. It seems much cooler and much more sparkly under artificial lights. Not sure why. They kind of remind me of disco balls. I like how the silver adds an extra little something to the otherwise dull grey black. I stamped China Glaze’s Platinum Silver over the top. Definitely my go-to silver for stamping!

OPI My Private Jet


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