Manicure: Coral and Gold

Manicure: Coral and Gold

I decided on a manicure change the other day. I felt like something a little bolder than my beige and white nails, but not overstated. I decided on Bys Midas Touch as the base, which I’d describe as a radiant and lustrous yellow gold. It has a similar hue to Chanel Peridot, but with the obvious absence of the green shimmer. It took me about three or four coats per nail to get it completely opaque and to my satisfaction.

If I’m honest, there was a little bit of streaking with this polish, but it adds to the metallic effect of the polish. I don’t mind this shade on its own, but I was in the mood for a little bit of stamping. More photos after the jump.

Bys Midas Touch

Stamped Bys Midas Touch

I’m listening to 90’s music at the mo’. Besides taking me on a trip down memory lane, it is making me feel so ancient! I know people older than me would be angered with that comment, but I suppose it is just a right of passage. So deal with it. But. I get side tracked.

I stamped over the gold with some pretty coral-y pink from OPI. The name escapes me at the moment, but it stamped quite well. I chose a concentric circle pattern from the second series of the Bundle Monster plates. They reminded me a little of boobs at first. Hah. Subliminal mind trying to tell me something? Not too sure there.

Stamped Bys Midas Touch

The contrast between the base and the stamp colour changes with the light. I’m always so fascinated at how different polishes interact with each other, as you can never tell what the final effect will be until you have it on your nail.

Stamped Bys Midas Touch

Stamped Bys Midas Touch

They kind of remind me of water droplets in the rain. The pink takes on a brown hue in normal light. The overall combination makes the gold look coppery. Overall, love it!


7 thoughts on “Manicure: Coral and Gold

      1. I’ve been using Chanel Peridot and Bys Midas Touch, which are very different gold hue’s, to stamp on my nails. They’ve been working great so far! I’ve heard that the China Glaze Gold’s work well too. Good luck!

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