Food After Surfing Injuries

Food After Surfing Injuries

I treated myself to post-surfing-injury cupcakes on Saturday. I took some surfing lessons as part of a work “team building exercise”. It was fun at a high level. The only cons to it were the large green and purple surf-fin shaped bruise on my thigh that formed that afternoon and the sore/tired arms that followed the day after. Mmm. I want a cupcake now.

Pretty cupcakes

Sydney got lashed by crazy weather last night. At least my herbs and veg got a drenching. I was surprised to find that my zuchinni seeds had sprouted in what seemed like overnight. It was kinda creepy seeing little leaves push through the dirt, but rewarding at the same time. You can see them in the bottom of the photo below.

Veg and herbs

The rain came out of no where (after the most glorious sunny day as seen below) and bucketed down with water and wind that knocked my herb pots over. I drove past one of the underpasses where I live and noticed it was cordoned off and for good reason. The dip at the bottom of the underpass was completely flooded, and you could make out what looked to be the roof of a car that got stuck in the deluge. I don’t think that it was a flash flood, so it leads me to think at what point do you decide that your car can’t make it and you need to stop moving forward or get out of your car. In the case of the latter, how would you even get out of your car? Through the window I suppose?

Sydney Harbour

My train seemed a little more crowded than usual. An effect of the rain maybe. Anyway, I spotted a three seater with a spare seat in the middle towards the second half of my trip. Thinking that it was just someone’s bag and that I could squeeze in between, I went up to the seat only to discover that the guy sitting closer to the aisle had giant balls. Seriously. He had his legs spread wide open and took up two whole seats. I couldn’t comprehend how someone could have massive balls, but this guy obviously did from the way he was sitting. He sort of got up with a bit of a struggle when he saw me eyeing the middle seat and I noticed a giant wet patch on the seat. I assume from his giant balls. Ew. Anyway, I said thanks but no thanks to his seat.


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