Dinner at Est Restaurant

Dinner at Est Restaurant

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m not a strong believer in spending a tonne of money for this Hallmark holiday, but I’m all for doing little things to make each day special. If that makes sense. It made sense in my head, but not so much when I typed it out – so hopefully you get the idea!

A few weeks ago, H and I had dinner at Est, which is one of three restaurants that were awarded three chefs hats in 2011. Headed up by Chef Peter Doyle, it is hard to leave here disappointed. I’d been here previously and absolutely loved the food, so when I noticed their sunset menu (2 courses + a cocktail = $50), I couldn’t say no. The restaurant sits atop popular drinking hole, the Establishment. As soon as you walk in, you’re faced with impeccable tables set with crisp, white linen. Each table was laden with a pretty chrysanthemum bloom. Of course you’d expect nothing less from a three hat restaurant ;)


We got started with the cocktail that was part of the summer menu. It was Thai inspired, with hints of galangal throughout. On a personal note, I find drinking out of martini glasses a little awkward. The centre of gravity just doesn’t sit right with me. But don’t let that comment take anything away from how lovely the contents of said martini glass was!


There was a choice of two entrees, so naturally we got one of each. The first being Italian buffalo mozzarella, fresh peach, serrano jamon and belgian endive. It looked quite exotic on the plate, with lovely colours. It didn’t taste bad either!

Entree at Est

The other entree we selected were oysters. Four freshly shucked rock oysters with ponzu dressing. This was my first encounter with oysters, fresh, fried or otherwise! It was interesting. I’d say comparable with the texture of mussels, but with a more ocean sea salt taste. I can’t say I’ll be ordering oysters again in a hurry, but at least I can say that I have tried them. The ponzu dressing was sweet and went swimmingly with the salty oyster.


The food photos came out a little dark, so I’ll spare you from those. We did order some truffled mash which was super filling. It didn’t look like much in its little bowl, but it was concentrated buttery goodness. Just the right amount of truffle.

Truffled mash

Overall another lovely night out at Est. I can’t say I was disappointed in the least. Great value, great food, great company :)

252 George St
Sydney NSW 2000


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