Monday Musings

Monday Musings

  • I really don’t dig people who become defensive at a drop of a hat. I probably shouldn’t be so negative Nelly on this one, but I just can’t stand it when you give someone neutral advice and they take the defensive. A simple ‘thanks, but no thanks’ would suffice.
  • Obligatory comment about the weather: it is seriously cray-z. It went all dark and gloomy at about 3pm yesterday, then it bucketed down with an accompaniment of thunder and lightning. It is absolutely glorious outside right now, but apparently it will pour down this afternoon.
  • I’m hooked on Pretty Little Liars. It really is the most shallow and inaccurate show I’ve ever seen (I’ve poked countless holes in the storyline), yet I keep watching it. I’ve finished season one and am onto season two now. This is how I spent my stormy afternoon yesterday.
  • I’m eagerly awaiting a parcel today. I keep checking the tracking online secretly hoping that it will make it arrive all the more quicker, but I highly down this will happen. Let me just refresh one more time… It just arrived.
  • I’m craving some gelato from my trip up north earlier in the year. They had the most amazing flavours. Every day we would drop by and the range of flavours would vary slightly from the previous. I regret not trying lemon, lime and bitters (in the photo below).

Gelato at Kingscliff


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