DIY Vintage Crafts Round Up

DIY Vintage Crafts Round Up

I enjoy making things and all things DIY. Getting hands on and crafty is what I enjoy most. I spend much of my time browsing art and design blogs that more often than not contain step by step instructions on creating your own little knick knacks. There are so many great ideas out there, and I’m all for making the world a prettier place. All of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-earlier moments come up when you realise how simple and easy it is to create something lovely. Here are some of the DIY instructions I’ve been inspired by lately.

I love the colours of this vintage-looking needlepoint purse. This tutorial by Danielle Thompson can be found on Craftzine. She has used such cheery colours. There is something about repetitive patterns and shapes that intrigue and draw me in.

These crepe paper flowers can be made in different sizes, and are perfect as embellishments to a gift, or on their own. The flowers in the image above have been attached to toothpicks to seal party favour bags.  Chiara Alberetti Milott’s tutorial can be found here.

Craft Passion have created a detailed tutorial on how to make your own macaron coin purse. Macarons have been popping up everywhere, so why not make your own inedible macaron to carry around with you everywhere!

Probably a little too late for Chinese New Year, but this adorable little embroidery of a Chinese Lantern would light up any room (no pun intended). Get the embroidery pattern from Wild Olive.

Another paper flower tutorial, but slightly more detailed and intricate. The tutorial for these elegant, watercolour blooms is from Craftberry Bush.


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