Dinner at New Shanghai

Dinner at New Shanghai

I’ve been to New Shanghai a number of times now. I just can’t go past their broth-infused, pan-fried pork buns. They have a large selection of dumplings, both pan fried and steamed (read: Xiao Long Bao). Anyway. I went through a massive Asian-food-eating phase, where I consumed a lot of noodles and fried rice and dumplings. As soon as I heard about the offerings New Shanghai had, I knew I had to go.

We got a serve of the pork pan fried dumplings. I enjoyed these immensely. The base was a crunchy golden brown, and inside was a tasty pork meatball swimming in a tasty broth. Be warned, you must eat this with care. Otherwise you could find yourself with broth squirted all down the front of your shirt!

Pan fried dumplings

We got some complimentary tea and shallot pancakes. H introduced me to the world of salty, crispy, shallot pancake.  We have since attempted to recreate it at home and came close. But we both concluded it would just be easier (and much cheaper) to just go back to this restaurant for them. They are bursting with flavour, albeit subtle in a big way.

Shallot Pancake

H wanted some fried donuts. I have seen these before but haven’t been that game to try. It looked to me like giant fried churros without the sugar. They are super light and airy, plus super moreish.

Fried Donut

This photo of crispy skin chicken makes me salivate. I love this dish. The flavours burst out with every single bite of chicken. The crispy skin is just an added bonus. The chilli’s look a bit menacing, but didn’t really provide much bite. Perfectly fine with me as I’m not a giant chilli fan anyway.

Crispy skin chicken

There are branches popping up everywhere. The one we went to here is the one in Chatswood. I’ve visited branches in Bondi Junction and Ashfield as well – I did discover the prices (and menu) fluctuate slightly.

Lower Ground Level
Chatswood Chase
Sydney, Australia 2000


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