Brunch at Danks Street Depot

Brunch at Danks Street Depot

I had a pretty productive day yesterday. I purchased a group deal last year for Danks Street Depot. I’ve been there a number of times already, so I knew what to expect. We got a starter of fresh mangoes, yoghurt, honey and hazelnuts. I know that if I ever tried to replicate something similar at home, it would never in a million years taste as nice.

Mango and yoghurt at Danks Street Depot

Another photo after the jump.

I opted for truffled eggs plus a goats cheese and basil omelette for mains. H and I shared the mains. Both were super tasty and highly recommended. The truffled eggs are a staple for me every time I come here.

Truffled eggs at Danks Street Depot

We went over to Simon Johnson and Victor Churchill for some gourmand groceries – Mariage Freres tea + grass fed sirloin. It ended up on the BBQ later that night.


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