Mixed up manicure.

Mixed up manicure.

I’m sure that it is evident in my posts, but I find myself getting bored quite easily of my manicures. My OCD tendencies really don’t help either. I really can’t stand it when my manicure chips in the slightest. I was once concerned about letting my nails ‘breathe’ and have a break between polishes, but I’ve read that provided you have a good base coat, you really don’t need to do this.

So when I noticed a nail or to getting chipped from my last manicure, I decided to just redo those nails and leave the other ones as they were. I alternated the pink and orange, and added different Bundle Monster stamps on top using the same China Glaze Platinum Silver. I particularly like how the Missoni-inspired stamp turned out.

Manicure konad stamp

The pink takes on a bit of a peach colour to it. I had to use flash for these photos, as being the nocturnal girl I am, I re-did my nails at midnight. I do like the understated nature of the mismatched manicure. It is safe enough for work, but somewhat more daring and individual.

Konad manicure nail art


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