Valentine’s Day Dresses

Valentine’s Day Dresses

With Christmas over, the next Hallmark holiday on the list is Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been big about this particular holiday. I would hesitate to spend a whole lot of money for this one, as I’m a firm believer that you should shower your love with attention equally throughout the year – not just on one particular day. But, I still think that it is fun to do little things here and there. I did do my nails the other week in a Valentine-esque theme.

I’ve gotten into ModCloth in a big way. I am slightly obsessed with their sales especially – I picked up some good bargains a few weeks ago. I had always thought their prices were a bit steep, so steered clear. But on this particular day I had a look and liked what I saw. They recently sent out a Valentine’s email which had all sorts of goodies for the 14th.

Valentine's Day Dresses

Dresses from ModCloth, from left to right:


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