Random ramblings on a Tuesday

Random ramblings on a Tuesday

I’m wishing today was Friday. I’d be so much happier if it were. But, it is not. I just spent an hour trying to configure my Internet because it wouldn’t work. So now I’ve decided to waste another half hour or so typing up a blog. Tumblr is just a giant source of procrastination for me. I think that it is the random hodge-podge of images. I literally could spend forever going through all the posts and not do any work. Although this wouldn’t be productive in the slightest.

I’m willing my packages from overseas to arrive this morning. But I really doubt they will. My first ModCloth package arrived in no time. I’m loving so many dresses from there. I think discovering the sales over there are a bad thing. I’ve been tempted by dresses left, right and centre. I wore my Opal a Day dress the other day and loved it. I got a few compliments at work. I wouldn’t have imagined it to be a work dress, but I think that it worked for a casual Friday.

Opal a Day Modcloth

I always go past liquid liners at the store and wistfully think about how lovely it would be if I could use them. Granted I’ve never tried. I can’t bring myself to spend money on something that I might inevitably fail at. I admire those that can do a mean liquid liner line. Maybe one day.


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