Manicure: Pink and Orange Brights

Manicure: Pink and Orange Brights

I took off the green and gold manicure I had for Invasion Australia Day. I’m not really into super brights, I just don’t think they go well with my skin tone. I seem to feel self conscious having neon-esque colours on. I guess it just isn’t my personality. I replaced it today with some hot pink and bright orange. The colour intensity seems to differ with the light.

I dig these types of bright. I stamped it with a few heart designs off the Bundle Monster plates in prep for Hallmark-holiday Valentine’s.

I used OPI’s Chopsticking to My Story and Grand Canyon Sunset for the base. Not sure if you can see my ring finger is orange. I stamped using China Glaze’s Platinum Silver. The photo above was obviously taken outdoors, no flash. The one below taken inside. Like I mentioned, I think the intensity of the colours changes with the light.

I’m not one to give into a Hallmark holiday. Let’s put it this way, I won’t spend excess amounts of money for it, but if I have the time and materials around, I’ll do something for it.

Back to work tomorrow. Yawn.


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