Late night ramblings and food thoughts.

Late night ramblings and food thoughts.

3 am at the mo’.

I’m still up and I don’t know why. I’m watching the latest season of The Bachelor and it is really, really lame. I can’t stop watching though. It’s like one of those car crashes in slow motion. There is this girl on there who is a New Yorker and writes articles on love. *CoughCarrieBradshawCough* I really don’t understand how some women are desperate enough to fight each other for one guy. But, it really is cheap entertainment.

I’ve been going through my old photographs and sorting them into their appropriate folders. I’ve found a whole lot of photos from previous holidays and a good percentage of them are photos of my meals. This tells me that a) I eat too much food, and b) I need to take photos of something other than food. Not sure how I’d go with that. I think I like food too much. The first photo is of a lovely Opera cake from Cafe Vue – a lovely little French cafe.

Opera Cake from Cafe Vue

We had gotten a Croque for lunch at Cafe Vue. The thick sliced ham was sandwiched between tasty cheese and two slices of buttery soft bread. Naturally I’m getting hungry looking at the photos again now. I do this to myself and I don’t understand why. I’m wishing I was back in Melbourne inhaling all the sights and sounds. And probably the food too.

We took a drive down to the Yarra Valley and had a lovely lunch at Mandala winery. I never thought I’d be a wine kind of gal, but it turns out I am. I would choose white over red, and rose over white any day. I’m undecided about bubbles still, some days we get along, other days not so much. I had a glass with my fish on this particular day – and loved it.



I’m distracting myself with online shopping at the moment. I’ve gotten a bunch of nail art supplies and am debating whether I want to get nail art brushes. I could potentially start off using some of my art brushes and then see how I go there. There’s an idea.


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