Trip to the Zoo – Part I

Trip to the Zoo – Part I

I took a trip to the zoo a few weeks back to take some out-of-town relatives around. I have to admit that it was my first visit to the zoo for a while. The last time was probably almost a decade ago in high school. Yikes. It feels horrible to say it like that, but I guess it is the truth. I’ve been out of high school for pretty much a decade. Almost. There. I said it. I do enough posts on manicures and shoes. Animals are cute and furry (most of the time), and are a nice change.

I encountered wallabies as soon as I entered the park. They seem to let them roam wild and free. You can buy these ice cream cones filled with pellets specifically for them, however they seemed interested in the cone than its contents. I noticed one cheeky wallaby tip out the pellets before happily munching away on the crunchy orange cone.


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