Stuff I’m digging at the mo’

Stuff I’m digging at the mo’

I went to late night shopping last night, and I noticed the numbers seem to be a little down. I suppose the never ending sales throughout the year contributes. I managed to score some Shu Uemura limited edition lipstick on sale. But besides that I didn’t really get tempted by anything else. Online shopping gets me though, like nothing else can.

I spied these Christian Louboutin sandals in my inbox. Smart and pretty, I am liking the clean lines. There is nothing quite as distracting as the pretty red sole they’ve supposedly patented.

I seem to be going through a platform phase right now. I like the added height, but don’t want the stress on my ankles. I don’t wear heels for long distances at all. But yes. I like the lines on these Miu Miu’s. I’m not normally a snakeskin fan. I don’t like exotic prints or leathers at all, but something about the mysterious colour draws me into these pair.

In conclusion, I shouldn’t be doing any spending at all. Sigh. I don’t need any more shoes in my wardrobe.


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