Queensland + Yayoi Kusama

Queensland + Yayoi Kusama

Returning back from Summer holidays is always a pain. No one ever wants to go back to work  and do their regularly scheduled program. It is always so relaxing to just spend a few days at the beach, soaking up the sun. I went up north and visited the shores of Queensland. H and I went and did the theme parks, though he wussed out on a few of the rides. Hah. I don’t blame him. There was the Green Lantern at Movie World, which boasts 3.5g’s and the steepest drop in the southern hemisphere. I was never a big roller coaster girl, but I guess I’m trying to make up for it now. In conclusion, I didn’t go on any really scary rides.

In any case, I’m in the process of catching up on all the posts and emails that have accumulated in the past two weeks. I’ve been extremely absent. We did some cultural things during the trip like visiting the GoMA which had some very interesting exhibits. One notable one was Yayoi Kusama, who is coincidentally doing a collaboration with Louis Vuitton very soon. I admit I’d never seen her work (to my knowledge) before this trip, but it was somewhat enlightening.

Among the highlights was the room filled with mirrors of red and white dots. It was very surreal to be in what seemed like an endless room of dots. There was also the interactive white room that invited its visitors to dot it up with dotty stickers provided to you at the door. I’d seen pics of this on Tumblr before even knowing about this exhibition, so I was excited to see it in person. It was a bit nuts – you could see people had stuck dots on the light fixtures and speakers of the room itself.


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