Long time no post

Long time no post

  • I haven’t been here in a while, and I apologise. I’m currently interstate on a business trip and everything has been slightly on the hectic side. I have a hundred and one things to do before Christmas rolls around.
  • I had dinner at Grill’d and had the most juiciest scotch fillet burger with fetta, rocket, herb mayo and other random burger goodness. I have a pile of herb fries sitting next to me. I’m trying to be good and am not finishing them. But that said, I’m pretty full.
  • I miss my hair straightener. My hair is one frizzy mess. And I miss my bed. But it is only a short trip, so I should quit my whining. It is actually quite nice being in a different city. Not a fan of the rain however.
  • I encountered a girl on the peak hour train this morning applying fluro pink nail polish on an enclosed, air conditioned train. I wonder about my generation sometimes. I swear I was going to suffocate from the fumes. We’ll all die of each others stupidity one day.

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