Manicure: Missha Orange Stone

Manicure: Missha Orange Stone

It has been miserable and rainy the past week in Sydney. I’m a little obsessed with shiny and sparkly at the moment. I saw a coarse glitter polish at Korean beauty store Missha, and at $7.50 a bottle, I couldn’t resist. I’ve seen this polish used as a thin top coat, with only a few flakes of glitter on a single layer. I tried this out for a few days with a beige OPI called Tickle my France-y. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the sparingly sparkly look, so yesterday I decided to up the ante and put a bit more glitter on.

I was a bit apprehensive about this being too ‘bling-ed up’. But it is growing on me slowly. It definitely is a party look, but it fits quite well with the Christmas season. The glitter comes in blue and purple hues as well. I’m not sure how cooler tones would suit my darker skin.

Missha Orange Stone

I put Seche Vite on top of the glitter in an attempt to smooth the top out a little bit. It is still slightly bumpy, but it feels more solid than a regular mani. It feels like it wears less than normal polish since it is pretty much 100% glitter.

Missha Orange Stone


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