Wednesday Musings

Wednesday Musings

  • Debating whether to get coffee this morning. I have two votes for yes, none for no, so I think I know what I will be doing. The next question is whether to get a regular or large coffee. Silly decision making. There are much bigger problems in the world than to worry about coffee.
  • I know I promise not to talk about the weather as much, but today it is just nutty. It was sun this morning at 7 am, now stormy and rainy at 10 am. Wth? Weather? Seriously? I was rocking the Hello Kitty gumboots yesterday. Heh.
  • H and I were randomly watching TV and came across An Idiot Abroad. It was pretty funny. And silly. So now we have a large backlog of things to watch this weekend.

  • My nails are a pretty orange stone glitter. It definitely warrants its own post. I wish I could have outrageous nails all week, but unfortunately it wouldn’t go down well in a corporate environment. I guess it isn’t like I’m getting giant tattoos and piercings and dying my hair pink, but you just gotta command respect sometimes.

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