Mish mash of thoughts + SUMMER IS HERE!

Mish mash of thoughts + SUMMER IS HERE!

Have you ever walked past someone who looks oddly similar to someone you know? But then you realise that they look like an older version of someone you know? Call me crazy, but I feel as though I’ve experienced it a bunch of times lately. Random thought. Now back to our regular schedule.

The weather yesterday was absolutely nutty. It was sunny and hot in the morning, and a complete deluge by 5pm. The rain around my building was in fact going sideways and even upwards. An umbrella would have been useless. A bunch of people stood there at the door just watching the rain pass. Unlucky for me, the trains weren’t running. Or well. They were, but super delayed and very intermittently. It seemed like tropical equator-like weather.

The taste of summer was lovely. I can’t wait for sunny days by the beach with ice cold beer + fish and chips. These photos were taken last summer at Watsons Bay. Doyles have the best battered fish in my opinion.

Summer beach days

I’ve switched the heater for an electric fan which is humming away, spreading a cool breeze much to my relief. In a way I’m looking forward to summer. Sculptures by the Sea has begun, and I can’t wait to go for a visit.

I need to get me a Moleskine for next year. Or a diary of some sort. Calendars have popped up in those little stalls you find at the supermarket. It is that transitional time of the year where you start preparing for the next. I’m finding years go by much quicker now than when I was in school. Why is that?


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