Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Paper Crafts

  • I do wish the weekends were longer. It started on Friday where H and I went to dinner at Etch. It was one of those coupon deals, but we were both very impressed and wouldn’t hesitate to return. I loved the décor inside the restaurant, it was so French country chic! I had a relaxing Saturday and Sunday, doing some crafts on the side (see above).
  • The aforementioned craft involves post-it notes fashioned into origami flowers. They have a modular nature, so whenever I’m bored in meetings, I work on a petal or two, and voilà, I have ended up with two flower globe halves. Soon to be a whole.
  • I don’t understand Spring Racing. Where everyone gets dressed up to the nines to watch horses run around in circles. I enjoy dressing up like the next girly girl, but give me a real reason to doll up. I just find it so boring. No offence to you punters out there. Heels and grass don’t mix.
Spring Racing
  • It irks me when people enter in their address on eBay with lower case letters. I can’t explain that one. I guess it leans towards my OCD tendencies? People do it with their first/last names on web forms, so it comes up on forums. Annoying.
  • The weather is supposed to storm today. I wish the warm, sunny weather would stick around for a little bit longer, but alas, I don’t think it is meant to be. It transformed from lovely and warm this morning to overcast and gloomy. These 360’s don’t do anything good for me, Mr. Weather!

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