Sparkly sequin shirts

Sparkly sequin shirts

I’m developing a thing for sequins. Usually something I’d steer clear of, it is now enticing me with its sparkly goodness. I own a few sequin pieces, mostly shirts and a couple of dresses. I’ve not yet been game to get sequin blazers or skirts! I just love how it is versatile enough to take you from day to night with some jewellery or a nice pair of heels.

Sequin Shirts

From left to right, top to bottom:
one. Aryn K Sequin Sheer Blouse in Pink
This reminds me of fun bubbles. I love neutral colours at the moment!

two. Antik Batik Red Victoria Tee
I love how it combines stripes and brights AND sequins into one trendy shirt.

three. Gryphon New York Sequin Sweatshirt
This is a more laid back use of sequins. It looks so slouchy and comfortable.

four. Stella McCartney Hanging Sequin Sweatshirt
This one has a more resort feel to it. Perfect for weekend wear!


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