Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Seagull at Opera Bar
  • That’s right Mr. Seagull. You best walk away. This was taken last Friday on a lovely Spring evening at the Opera Bar by the Opera House. Its times like these I feel super lucky to be living in such an amazing city.
  • I find it bizarre that it takes me up to an hour to sip my cup of coffee. I can’t really explain it. I can’t gulp down coffee. I suppose I like to savour it? I just don’t understand why people charge extra for soy milk. It really isn’t my fault my stomach developed an intolerance for lactose.
  • I watched Contagion yesterday. Despite the star-studded cast, I’m not really certain what I want to make from the movie. Needless to say, I’m a little freaked out and carry slash use my hand sanitiser religiously. At least I’m now clear about the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic.
  • This whole Halloween thing is going a bit over my head. We don’t celebrate it here in Australia, yet my mother went out and bought a plastic pumpkin face bucket from the two dollar store. She reasons that we had kids walking down the street in costume last year, so we must serve them candy from this pumpkin bucket this year. (What?)
  • I have a thing for Cambridge satchels (from the Cambridge Satchel Company) and the plethora of rainbow colours they come in. I don’t however, like the fact that to open slash close them, you need to do up buckles. I see this to be time consuming and completely inpractical from me. Especially since I’ve become used to my open LV Neverfull Damier.
Cambridge Satchel Company

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