SIFF 2011: Food and Wine Fair

SIFF 2011: Food and Wine Fair

Today was just an absolutely gorgeous day for the Sydney International Food Festival’s Food and Wine Fair. It was most certainly an interesting day as I’m sure L will attest to. They predicted potential thunderstorms, but they never developed. It started to briefly sprinkle, but nothing that threatened the day. I admit I am a bit of a veteran of these fairs, and I gotta say, this year the stalls seemed to have halved, and the turn out wasn’t as large as previous years. Nevertheless, we were determined to enjoy the day.

There was still a good variety of restaurants on show, everything from Asian to Australian and everything far and beyond. We ordered the lamb chops and BBQ beef ribs from Outback Steakhouse. I’m a giant fan of their tender juicy steaks (not to mention their bloomin’ onions). It certainly didn’t disappoint. Giant chunks of succulent meat with potato salad is always a winner with Carnivore N.

La Mint has been a regular at F&W since I can remember, offering traditional Vietnamese cuisine, I find it difficult to pass up the melt-in-your-mouth pork belly. It comes as a generous serving on a bed of rice that soaks up all the sauce and its goodness. I opt for no chilli on my pork as I am not as adventurous as some.

The arancini is something I couldn’t pass up. The rice bran oil (which claims to be a much healthier alternative) was cooking up some arancini balls. With four on a skewer, you got a combination of wild mushroom and tomato. Both were as delectable as each other, and left me wanting more.

There were a few options for dessert. A couple of stalls offered dishes at one coupon. Too hard to resist! The first was this Arabic ice cream dish from Booza. It was beyond anything I expected. It was more like little sorbet scoops coated in a variety of different ways. One was sort of like a creme egg, and another in caramelised nuts and pistachios. Pashmak was an obvious must and went delicately well with it all and added a dimension of texture.

Another sugar hit I regretted was Catalina’s chocolate and date tart. I was pleased to find it on offer at the Food and Wine Fair today. It was rich and thick. That is all I have to say about that really.

Until next year!!


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