Doyles at Watsons Bay

Doyles at Watsons Bay

I sit here with an extremely large cup of coffee next to me. I  honestly don’t drink that much coffee. So, I mentioned we had an impromptu picnic in the park the other day. The weather has been increasingly glorious over the past few weekends. With the long days, its just a shame to put it all to waste.

We drove over to Watsons Bay for some nice fish and chips. I anticipated the lack of seating within the restaurant itself, so I took a picnic rug along. A few people had the same idea, as we had a difficult time finding a parking spot. We had all but decided to get some take out and find another quiet spot to sit by the sea when a spot freed up.

Crunchy and golden.
The lovely view we had with the CBD in the distance.
Sitting under a giant tree in the park.
There were a number of families enjoying the sun that day.
Mr Seagull enjoying the sun in the park.
For some reason, kids find it fun to chase birds.

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