Dinner at Sushi Tei

Dinner at Sushi Tei

Last week’s Sugar Hit was preceded by a lovely dinner at Sushi Tei. A long time favourite Japanese haunt of mine, it is a Japanese restaurant that in actual fact originated in Singapore. It offers a great range of Japanese slash fusion cuisine, from sushi to hotpots, and even pasta!

I admit I haven’t been curious enough to try Japanese pasta. Well, I did once, it was surprising. But I’m not certain I would make the jump again. We had a good variety of stuff since we opted to share plates.

A number of us started off with these Sake Cocktails. It was like soft drink mixed with little bits of jelly. I likened it to one of those childhood tetra pack juice drinks with the jelly bits. In conclusion, I thought it was refreshing.

A girly Sake Cocktail.

We moved onto some Makimono Sushi, which was covered in roe. I love how these just burst in your mouth with so much flavour. The sushi itself was quite tasty and very obviously made fresh to order.

Makimono Sushi

The Hanasaki Ika Tempura has been a staple each time I visit. The quality is a bit inconsistent, but this time it is a definite winner with some Japanese mayo on the side. Light and crispy batter with soft and chewy squid.

Hanasaki Ika Tempura - Squid Tempura

The Gyoza is lovely and crispy. It is brought to the table piping hot with a lovely clear and slightly chilli dumpling sauce.

Fried Gyoza

Hiyashi Chuka, or cold ramen is something I wouldn’t ordinarily order. The ramen was fresh and generously doused with dressing.

Hiyashi Chuka - Cold Ramen

We ordered a Gyuniku Roll, which was beef stuffed with a generous stack of golden mushrooms. I didn’t know what to expect, but the beef was tender and juicy and complemented the mushrooms perfectly.

Gyuniku Roll - Beef stuffed with golden mushrooms

Overall another satisfying visit to Sushi Tei.

1 Chifley Square
Corner of Elizabeth St and Hunter St
Sydney 2000


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