Random reflections in the garden

Random reflections in the garden

I got to thinking whilst tending to my herb garden the other day.

Let me share with you all some advice that I’ve learned over the past few years. There are occasions where you just need to rid your of all the negative in your life and focus on all the of positive. I believe that it really is as simple as having common sense about the basic things in life and not being stupid about the decisions you make. No matter what, it always works out for the better for me, and I think I’m extremely lucky in that respect.

In any case, my herb garden is growing like crazy. I’ve got to put up some progressive photos of it. I’ve got two photos at the moment and the difference is amazing. I guess I don’t realise because I look at it every day, and it really is a low maintenance project. I’d love to be able to add some mint to it. Maybe one weekend I’ll make it to the nursery to get some. It surprised me to learn it costs the same to purchase full grown plants vs seeds.

Spring is in full bloom. A few plants in the backyard have blossomed in what seems like overnight! I took some shots with the SLR. The colours look so much more vibrant in the photos. Oops. I think the onset of spring calls for some spring inspired manicures.

Red Geraniums
Pink Geraniums
Bi-coloured Geranium leaves

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