Manicure: Another bright Konadicure

Manicure: Another bright Konadicure

I need some negativity repellant right about now. I find myself in a cleaning mood right now, both in the physical sense, and the… non-physical. If that makes sense. Negativity runs rampant in the day in age we live in. It is unfortunate, but the cases of online bullying are on the rise. It seems easier to be negative online, hiding behind your computer, masked by your keyboard. You see it everywhere on online forums, to those difficult people you encounter on eBay. I think its just so unhealthy to spread so much negativity. But you know what. I’m resolved to get all traces of this bad karma. People can be as negative as they want. You’re entitled to your own opinion, but, just FYI I will be excluding it all from my life. Thanks.

I opted for a bright polish this week. Yellow and orange slash pink. I tried experimenting with two different colours on the stamp, but they ended up being very similar anyway. Cheeky Chops is such a happy and vibrant colour. I’m off to enjoy the rest of my sunshine this weekend, be sure to enjoy yours too!

Base colour: Butter London’s Cheeky Chops
Stamp colour: OPI’s I’m Chopsticking to my Story
Stamp: One of the v2 Bundle Monster Plates


6 thoughts on “Manicure: Another bright Konadicure

    1. Yes! I’m so jealous of the Missoni Target collection in the Northern Hemisphere. I think this is my way of making up for it. I’m in love with the bold prints and bright colours of Missoni. Loving your blog!

  1. Oh, don’t be jealous of the collection! Some of it only looks good on the website :) I live in Minneapolis, that’s where Target headquarters is, and everyone around here seems to be walking with those Missoni totes. They don’t look that good in person! The only thing I got for myself was a journal :)

  2. I desperately need to do my nails this weekend – thanks for the reminder! And a nail stamp is definitely top on my list of things to invest in because the effect is insanely awesome!

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