The Dip: American Fare

The Dip: American Fare

Ever since returning from Melbourne (and the home of Mamasita’s), I have been craving the combination of pulled pork with crunchy corn chips and all the flavours in between. I spied The Dip a few weeks ago, intrigued at their servings of traditional American cuisine. I had been meaning to make a trip for a while now, and luckily I was able to drop by tonight.

Situated halfway between Pitt Street Mall and Chinatown, it is a bustling little spot, even on a late-night-shopping Thursday night! A flight of stairs transports you into an American underground lair, offering a selection of American classics.

After quickly perusing the menu, we decide on the pulled pork nachos ($15) and the damn skippy burger ($12). I’m not normally one for kangaroo, but this burger was delicious! It was lovely and tender, with whole macadamias scattered throughout the patty, the combination is a definite winner! The pulled pork nachos definitely satisfied my craving, the sweet and savoury flavours marrying with the crisp and crunchy corn chips, it is really beyond words.

The Damn Skippy.
Pulled Pork Nachos.

The intriguing menu is accompanied with a refreshing assortment of cocktail jugs that are reasonably priced around the $30 mark. We ended the meal with a dessert of salted caramel ice cream in between molasses cookies ($10) and their special of the week: deep fried coke sundaes ($10). What are coke sundaes I hear you ask? Little balls of coke flavoured batter deep fried and served with cream + a cherry on top. No doubt I will definitely be returning.

Unfortunately the lack of an awesome camera coupled with the fact it was very dim in The Dip meant a lack of food photos.

The images featured in this post are taken from The Dip website.


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