Sugar Hit 2011: Holiday Inn

Sugar Hit 2011: Holiday Inn

If you know me, you know that October is my favourite month in Sydney because of the Sydney International Food Festival 2011. With a bunch of foodie events, I don’t think it is even possible to go wrong with any of them.

On an extremely last minute whim, H and I went out to dinner in the city at an Italian place then decided to visit one of the easier-to-visit places for a Sugar Hit, the Holiday Inn. On offer was a Belgian Chocolate Souffle with hazelnut crunch and King Island cream. How could you say no? I went to the Holiday Inn for SIFF last year, and although it isn’t the classiest of the hotels on offer, it provides large comfy couches with a nice quiet atmosphere to have cosy get-togethers.

The soufflé itself was a lovely melt-in-your-mouth, milk chocolate sensation. The King Island cream was delectable and provided a neutralising flavour in contrast to the chocolate. The cream sits atop a hazelnut crumble which adds some a lovely texture to the overall experience. I must say I have grown an affinity to sweet wine, especially dessert wine. The soufflé came with a glass of what seemed like muscat, slightly sparkling, dark and mysterious. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I really am very amateurish about my wines. In any case, it was the ideal accompaniment to my dessert.

Soufflé sitting atop a puddle of milk chocolate.
The cream sits atop a cookie crumble

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