An impromptu trip to Ikea

An impromptu trip to Ikea

Sydney is on the verge of receiving a very large Ikea store. As it was a long weekend here, I was debating what to do. With nothing really to purchase, H and I decided to roam around the aisles of the old Ikea before the new one opens with no real goal in mind. This was probably a bad thing in retrospect, but wandering around the store provided much exercise and a lot of good bargains along the way. We bought a griddle pan, a cheap-but-expensive looking photo frame for a print of mine and some jars to store loose leaf tea.

It was much less packed in the parking lot than when I last went a few years ago. I guess the hype has died down somewhat. Although I expect it to pick up again once the new store opens in Tempe (which coincidentally is closer to me). I was highly tempted by the textiles section, but pulled myself away. I just don’t have much time to devote to craft projects these days.

Lovely light fixtures in the lobby. These were quite large. And 200 bucks a piece. Still very elegant and pretty.
A giant pile of cheap, wooden hangers. I don't think I'd be able to fit my clothes into my wardrobe with chunky wooden hangers. But they're supposed to be better for your clothes.
I was amused at how much this thing looked like a regal sceptor. I thought it was pretty and just between us, I spent some time pretending I was royalty. Oops.
So many frying pans. The upside was that one of these frying pans cost only four bucks. If I didn't already have a scanpan, I'd be all over this bizz.
Another giant stuffed vegetable. This time in an upside down carrot form. Why is he upside down?
A cute (and giant) stuffed brocolli. I wonder if this makes kids eat their vege.
Small silver and glass jars that I thought were perfect to store some of my loose leaf tea.
Ended the trip with a 50 cent soft serve cone.

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