A few days on

A few days on

A post a few days after applying a Seche Vite coated manicure. I’m slowly getting chips on my nails. Except, they aren’t really chips, but more of a ‘wearing down’ of the polish at the tips. I’m usually very OCD about any chips that appear in my polish and can’t help but give in to the compulsion of removing the entire set. My current polish has lasted me a good five days. This might seem normal to you but I don’t treat my mani’s very well and tend to take off the polish after 2-3 days.

I seem to be on a lovely little spending spree lately. I should dedicate some time to documenting my purchases with pretty photos, but time usually just doesn’t allow. I bought earrings to match my rhinestone necklace the other day. I got the River Island Half Moon Rhinestone Earrings from Asos. After receiving them yesterday, they were a little bigger than I imagined. Still pretty, but I wouldn’t wear them at the same time as the necklace. Unless I was going for the bourgeois look. I don’t think so.


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