Mamak at Haymarket

Mamak at Haymarket

After hearing a whole lot of good things about Malaysian restaurant Mamak from friends for the longest time, I decided to visit a couple of weeks ago. There are claims they serve the best roti canai on this side of the Indian Ocean. I was warned that there is usually a very long queue to get into the restaurant at Haymarket. This isn’t an exaggeration. But despite the fact, I have to say I’ve been back many times since.

I have ordered a number of curries and combinations of things on the menu, but I’ve learnt to stick to the roti’s as it comes with curry. The other curries are far too spicy for my tastes. The satay sticks are well worth it if you can fit them in. My favourite is the roti planta, which is a rich buttery roti and is served hot and fluffy. Mamak has definitely become a favourite with me.

Lovely red Mamak menus bursting with roti goodness.
Malaysian black coffee and iced tea. Ideal if you have a sweet tooth.
Roti telur bawang. Basically this is roti with egg and onions. Still lovely and fluffy, and served with a sampling of curry sauces.
Dessert roti. Roti tisu is a definite must. Crisp and light.
It's a twenty minute wait for this dessert, but well worth it. This furled up roti comes oozing with sugary sweetness.

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