The Portenzo case for iPad 2

The Portenzo case for iPad 2

I’ve been on the hunt for the ideal case for my iPad 2. I was seeking a case that didn’t look too corporate, but didn’t look cheap. The market out there is surprisingly small! I got recommended the Dodocase from a number of people, so I set out to do my research. It looks like a moleskine on the outside, but houses your case in a neat little frame. I read a few forum posts that named the Portenzo case as being similar in appearance, and much more sturdy (with the rubber grips that hold the iPad in), so I looked into it. The Portenzo had a colour palette that appealed to me much more than the Dodocase. I think it is a case of personal preference really.

My case has been shipped and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. It has been stuck in Chicago for a while. The tracking hasn’t been updating (as they note on their website), but hopefully soon!


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