Bondi Pizza at Bondi Junction

Bondi Pizza at Bondi Junction

I took a trip to Bondi Pizza with H as we had one of those group discount vouchers that was about to expire. We have always had a good experience at the restaurant, having discovered the Bondi Beach branch first by chance when we were hungry for a meal on our Bondi expeditions. The pizza base is amazing here, and they use it for everything from flat bread to the chocolate pocket desserts.

The offer was something nuts like $80 worth of food for $20. It seemed like too good an offer to refuse. We had gotten a group deal at Bondi Pizza before and weren’t disappointed. The best thing about the deal was that it wasn’t limited to a set menu. You were able to order from the alcoholic menu + food + dessert. Overall the food was lovely, however if I must say it, the service was a bit slow.

Started off with a Margerita. I like the salty sweetness of Margs.
Started off with some field mushrooms stuffed with fetta. The combination of flavours was lovely. I was skeptical about the balsamic vinegar, but it surprisingly worked quite well.
Tender chargrilled fillet steak, barbecued onions, diced tomato, cucumber, rocket & our homemade BBQ style sauce. I'm not normally a fan of BBQ sauce because it is usually too sweet, but this was just right.
We ended the meal with two desserts, one was the chocolate pocket, which is amazing. The nutella-like chocolate oozes out with the first cut.
The second dessert comprised of original cinnamon scrolls. With chocolate dipping sauce on the side. So indulgent. Makes me want to make some at home to freeze and eat when I crave!

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