A blue sort of feeling.

A blue sort of feeling.

I’m liking the colour blocking concept. But it is getting to the point where the fashion scene is just saturated with it. I guess that happens with fads. So I thought I’d stick to just one colour. There are some amazing shades of blue out there at the moment. Considering that most of my wardrobe consists of black, white and grey (and mostly purple), blue seems like a nice change.


01. I’ve been on the hunt for a lovely shoulder day bag to carry essentials since mine is on its way out. This one from Asos is cute.

02. This looks like a ring that I already own in black. I love huge sparkly cocktail rings. The blue looks so mesmerising.

03. I have developed a slight obsession with silk scarves after this winter season. This Pucci scarf is on sale. Love the pattern!

04. Along with large cocktail rings, I have a weakness for giant enamel earrings that can hide amongst my hair but still makes a statement.

05. Bright skinny belts would be a cost effective way to update a black and white wardrobe. How very cerulean.


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